Land Forces 24 728x90 WEB 240202 01High Eye announced it has won an international open tender issued by the Ministry of Defence Netherlands with its Airboxer VTOL UAV.

As part of a comprehensive program spanning more than two years, High Eye will integrate the Airboxer into all aspects of the Netherlands Ministry of Defence’s operations, both in Europe and abroad.

The comprehensive program encompasses the integration of the Airboxer VTOL UAV along with its ground control system, training modules, maintenance packages, operational training, and cutting-edge EO/IR camera payloads. The company said the first complete Airboxer System will be delivered this year.

The company said “We are pleased to win this tender and honoured to integrate our Airboxer in the operations of the Netherlands MOD. This partnership signifies not only a significant milestone for High Eye but also a testament to our commitment for years to deliver top-notch UAV solutions for defence and security applications.”


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