USE THIS ONEBAE Systems Australia has welcomed a fifth ANZAC class warship to its Henderson facility as part of the fleet upgrade that will keep the ships in service until they are replaced by the Hunter class frigates. The ANZAC Mid Life Capability Assurance Program (AMCAP) upgrade is being undertaken by the Warship Asset Management Agreement (WAMA) Alliance. HMAS Toowoomba joins sister ships, Warramunga and Perth. HMAS Toowoomba will be the fifth of eight ships to receive the AMCAP upgrade which includes:

  • Upgraded ventilation systems;
  • New sewage systems;
  • Improvements to the diesel engines to improve power and efficiency;
  • Replacement of the air search radar capability with the Australian CEA L-Band radar;
  • Replacement of the full communications suite on the ship.
(PHOTO: BAE Systems Australia)

BAE Systems Australia Director Maritime Sustainment Ian McMillan said “this project demonstrates the strong collaboration across the alliance. We are committed to the successful delivery of AMCAP and look forward to demonstrating through the HMAS Toowoomba upgrade the outstanding capability of the Henderson team and its ability to support the Royal Australian Navy to fight and win at sea. As an Australian industry leader in maritime sustainment, BAE Systems Australia is looking forward to upgrading HMAS Toowoomba with the advanced capability that the AMCAP program will deliver.”


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