Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Hyundai Heavy Industries have signed an agreement to supply the Philippine Navy with IAI’s ALPHA 3D Radar Systems. The systems will be integrated on the Philippine Navy’s new Corvette ships.

IAI is a global leader in the development of advanced naval technologies. Developed by IAI’s ELTA Division, the ALPHA 3D Radar System is a lightweight, multi-function 3D AESA radar, which shares technology with its larger sibling, the MF-STAR radar. With its modular construction and fully digital software-driven architecture, the ALPHA delivers low LCC together with the cost-effective ability to implement future upgrades, mainly through software updates, ensuring the ability to cope with new threats over the system’s extended service life. IAI’s family of naval radar technology is operational and combat-proven in navies around the world.

The ALPHA 3D Radar System will be fully integrated with the Combat Management System (CMS) supplied by Hanwha Systems, and will provide an array of advanced multi-mission capabilities for the Philippine Navy.

Yoav Tourgeman, IAI vice president and CEO of ELTA, said: “This agreement is a testament to IAI’s close partnership and cooperation with Hyundai and the defence ecosystem in Asia. Incorporating IAI’s pioneering AESA technology on the Philippine Navy’s new ships highlights the trust that the Philippine Navy and Hyundai Heavy Industries have placed in IAI. We are honoured to be an integral part of this important program and supply our operational, combat-proven systems to our friends in Asia.”

IAI is a globally-recognised leader in developing advanced naval technologies. IAI’s radar technology and air and missile defence systems are operational in navies worldwide, including in the Israeli Navy, which integrated the MF-STAR radar and the Barak MX Air and Missile Defence System on its new Sa’ar Corvettes in 2021. IAI’s tailor-made naval solutions are based on decades of technological, combat-proven expertise.

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