IODSIsrael Aerospace Industries (IAI) has been awarded a contract to provide a Multi-Sensor Multi-Mission Radar (MS-MMR) system for a European country’s air defence system. The MS-MMR is an ESM-enhanced air defence radar sensor developed and produced by IAI’s ELTA Systems.

MS-MMR comprises an Electronic Support Measures (ESM) system (ELL-8385) integrated into the MMR (ELM-2084). The passive ESM sensor greatly enhances the radar’s ability to detect and recognise airborne threats. By identifying the threat’s electromagnetic signature, ESM classifies and identifies the targets that the radar detects. In addition, it assists in discriminating between multiple targets that are too close to each other, and can also sense emitting targets with a low radar cross section (RCS). ESM effectively increases the radar’s range and detection performance. By combining radar and ESM data, tracking accuracy can also be improved. The MS-MMR thereby provides the air defense system with a richer and more effective Air-Situational Picture (ASP). It shortens operators’ response times to unidentified targets and prevents errors that could arise from incorrect identification of neutral parties.

“The combination of passive ESM and active radar is the optimal combined sensor for air defence, boosting the ability to detect and identify airborne threats throughout the arena,” said Adi Dulberg, vice president and general manager of IAI ELTA’s Intelligence, Communications, and Electronic Warfare Division. “The combined active-passive Air Situational Picture will enhance our customer’s security by providing their air defence system with the best possible threat intelligence.”


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