USE THIS ONEQ: Please start with an overview of what has been happening with LAND 200 for the last 6 months and for forthcoming milestones.

A: There has been a bit of a scope shift in the program and we have been knee deep in developing the next TORCH-based offering, which technically is Version 9 of the Battle Management System (BMS) software. Key changes include the introduction of a new Headquarters system (BMS HQ), a significant update of the Mounted system and an update of the BMS training system fielded in Army’s schools and training establishments.

Other key features include some AI-based decision support and a generic interface for the operation of manned and unmanned systems. It is much more of an open architecture solution and it provides a much more intuitive user experience (UX). Our Australian team was heavily involved in the UX interface design with our global team. This uses commonly understood symbology that leverages how comfortable the “digital native” generation is with using technology. It is easier to use – and much easier to train on. In these aspects Version 9 represents a marked improvement on the current in-service Version 7.

We think Version 9 will be a game changer when it gets into the hands of soldiers. We are very hopeful that we will deliver that software on schedule at the end of this year for Army to take into their next training iteration. That’s the plan at the moment.

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