www.indopacificexpo.com.auIndra, one of the world’s leading technology and consulting companies, has acquired a stake in Sateliot, a Spanish startup in the New Space sector, thus becoming its industrial partner for defence and security. Sateliot has an impressive capacity for the development of Narrow-Band IoT satellite communications services, as it has its own unique technology for them which it plans to deploy over a network of low-orbit nanosatellites to provide services with global coverage. The provision of global IoT connectivity offers huge market potential in a wide range of sectors in which the sensorisation of physical assets is an advantage, but this also poses a problem, as they are located in or pass through remote areas with limited coverage.

Indra CEO Ignacio Mataix

Indra CEO Ignacio Mataix said “Sateliot reinforces our competitive capacity in the global Defence and Security market and complements our value proposition by enabling us to speed up the integration of capabilities essential to the future of this market into our solutions. More specifically, hyperconnectivity and sensorisation are technological trends that will be key in the mid-term in the new Defence and Security programs led by the Combat Cloud and the IoBT (Internet of Battlefield Things). It also reaffirms our commitment to expand in New Space, a key segment.”

With this operation, Indra reinforces its goal of becoming a leading company in critical space infrastructures with global coverage in the New Space sector. In 2021, Indra took a major step in this direction with the creation, in partnership with ENAIRE, of Startical, a company that will deploy a constellation of 200 small satellites to provide air traffic surveillance and communication services, particularly in remote and oceanic areas that are not covered by the current air navigation systems, thanks to a pioneering technological solution in the world. Indra will also strengthen its determination to adapt its traditional defence and security businesses to the new reality characterised by digitalisation and disruptive technologies, as well as the trends towards promoting cloud and multi-domain operations.

As Sateliot’s industrial partner, Indra will develop a new segment of global business solutions related to IoT satellite communications for the Defence and Security market in a scenario in which hyperconnectivity and sensorisation will be key to the future of operations. It will also integrate Sateliot’s solutions into its product range. The agreement between the two companies specifies mutual exclusivity in the field of IoT satellite communications for Indra’s Defence and Security market and envisages working together to adapt Sateliot’s solutions to Indra’s specific requirements and their suitability for application to next-generation secure communication solutions.

Indra’s participation in Sateliot has been implemented through Indraventures, the company’s corporate vehicle for the promotion of Open Innovation and intrapreneurship. Indraventures channels the relationship with the entrepreneurial ecosystem while working on the development of the network for collaboration and investment in startups, thus seeking to improve the company’s portfolio and technological differentiation.

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