IODSJFD Limited, part of James Fisher & Sons PLC, has completed the mobilisation of critical components of the NATO Submarine Rescue System (NSRS) during the Rescuex West 24 exercise.

Following a seamless transition into the Third In Service Support (3ISS) contract, which commenced after signing in December 2022, this exercise marks an important milestone in JFD’s commitment to continual improvement and assured operational availability for its customer. This exercise is incorporated into the Assurance Exercise Schedule and emphasises the rescue readiness of the NSRS system as well as providing an opportunity for training and competence of personnel.

Richard Devlin, JFD Defence Director said: “We are incredibly proud of the completion of another world leading demonstration of Submarine Rescue capability. The exercise further validates JFD’s suitability for the NSRS 3ISS contract and reinforces our position as a trusted partner in submarine rescue to NATO and other global navies.”

Taking place over an eight-day period during challenging winter weather conditions in the waters off Arran, Scotland, Rescuex West 24 saw the mobilisation of key NSRS components including the Portable Launch and Recovery System (PLARS), Submarine Rescue Vehicle (SRV) and Portable Navigation, Tracking and Communication System (PNTCS) onto the UK Navy Multi Purpose vessel SD Northern River.

Due to the inherent complexities and dangers of submarine rescue operations, one of the primary objectives for exercises is personnel training and Rescuex West 24 put particular focus on training for new PLARS personnel as part of the contract’s expansion. In addition, the exercise provided the opportunity to maintain competency of other JFD operational personnel through a series of SRV dives.

Devlin continued: “Submarine Rescue services play a vital role in mitigating the catastrophic consequences of submarine accidents, especially at dangerous depths where complexity is amplified. By executing these drills, we continually enhance experience and confidence levels ensuring not only the equipment, but all personnel are well rehearsed and prepared to respond in the event of an emergency situation.”


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