Korea Aerospace Industries, Ltd. (KAI) announced that it has won a contract worth $920 million (1.2 trillion won) from the Malaysia’s Defense Ministry to supply 18 FA-50 jets. The signing ceremony was attended by KAI President & CEO Kang Goo-young, Korean government officials including Air Force Chief of Staff Jung Sang-hwa, Ambassador to Malaysia Yeo Seung-bae, Deputy Defense Acquisition Program Administration Chief Kang Hwan-seok, and Dato’Sri Muez bin Abd Aziz, Secretary General, Ministry of Defense.

The FA-50 to be introduced by Malaysia is an improved version of its performance, such as aerial refueling function and armed expansion, in line with customer demands, and the initial delivery is scheduled to take place in 26. A total of six models, including the FA-50 and Tejas, India’s Tejas, Pakistan’s JF-17, Russia’s MIG-35 and Turkey’s Hurizet, participated in the bidding, and FA-50 and Tejas competed at the last minute.

Malaysia is planning to introduce another 18 units of the same model as the FA-50, so the volume is expected to expand to up to 36. The export was mainly due to high satisfaction with domestic aircraft operated by major Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia’s neighboring countries Indonesia and the Philippines.

This is the fourth time KAI has entered the Southeast Asian market after Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand, and is the largest single contract in Southeast Asia. A total of 68 domestic aircraft were exported to the Southeast Asian market, including KT-1, T-50 and FA-50 and 240 were exported worldwide, including Malaysia’s secondary business.

KAI President & CEO Kang Goo-young said, “This export is the fruit of strengthening cooperation between the two governments,” adding, “KAI will play a role as a long-term partner through defense cooperation as well as successful delivery and operation support of FA-50.”

“The FA-50 is a multi-purpose aircraft and was very impressed by the operation of South Korea’s production facilities and the air force,” said Deputy Defense Secretary Datuk Muez.

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