Exail comKBR announced that it will be providing sustainment services that will equip the Royal Australian Navy with a more modern and cyber worthy Fleet Information Environment. In a 12-month program of work, KBR will provide sustainment to Project MINERVA (SEA 2273), supported by Australia-based companies, oobe and Bluerydge.

MINERVA will provide the Navy with faster, more capable and more secure computer-based information systems, which are vital in ensuring the Australian Defence Force can operate in contested, congested and degraded information environments.

The contract builds on the company’s strong performance in delivering ICT hardware, software sustainment and specialist communication services to Defence.

Supporting ships at sea presents a unique information management challenge and requires computer networks that can remain effective even in low bandwidth or congested communications environments.

Vice President GS APAC Nic Maan said: “Key to the delivery of MINERVA is providing a cyber-worthy communications system that operates across and within secret, protected, official and coalition networks. This support will provide the Royal Australian Navy with decision superiority in the maritime domain which is essential for Defence’s ability to conduct operations.”

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  1. majority owned by Blackrock and Vanguard of course

    More than 20 federal lawsuits naming KBR and seeking class-action status were filed in late 2008 and 2009 over the practice of operating “burn pits” at U.S. bases in both Iraq and Afghanistan and thus exposing soldiers to smoke containing dioxin, asbestos, and other harmful substances.


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