Seoul AirportSpecialists in aluminium vessel construction, Marine Alutech first developed the Watercat  M12 Jurmo-class landing craft in the 1990s. Capable of speeds exceeding 35 knots, the fast and agile 14-metre craft will be equipped with a pair of Kongsberg Kamewa FF375 aluminium waterjets and a compact Jet Control System.

The FF375 waterjets for this project will feature a customised inlet duct, to enable new craft to match the performance characteristics of the original Jurmo-class, introduced with the Finnish Navy more than 20 years ago.

Since the first Jurmo-class was delivered, Kongsberg’s waterjets and control systems have evolved significantly. These new landing craft will feature the electronic Jet Control System, rather than the original mechanical-hydraulic system.

Niko Haro, CEO, Marine Alutech, said: “Our long-term cooperation with Kongsberg Kamewa waterjets has proven again the importance of close partnership when selling new vessels. A thorough understanding of customer requirements and technical solutions contributes to the performance, life-cycle efficiency, and sustainability. These are values which Marine Alutech and Kongsberg Maritime Finland have shared together in over 400 deliveries to customers worldwide.

“With the Finnish Navy, cooperation has continued over three decades with over 100 vessels delivered, of which Watercat M12 class alone accounts for more than 50 units. Latest developments now include improvements to the vessel’s control system and user interface, which is expected also to create even higher reliability in the harsh conditions of the Baltic Sea region.”

Magnus Fahlén, Senior Vice President – Waterjets, at Kongsberg Maritime, said: “Kongsberg Maritime is once again proud to be supplying our highly-efficient waterjets to Marine Alutech. We’ve worked with the company for more than 30 years as they have evolved into one of the leading builders of fast, agile military and specialist craft. The Jurmo-class has a proven track record with the Finnish Navy, and this latest order for 17 will bolster the capabilities of its coastal armed forces.”

The Jurmo-class has a low draft meaning it is suited to amphibious assaults in shallow waters, and thanks to the Kamewa waterjet reversing system, it can come to a complete stop, from its top speed of over 35 knots, in just one ship length. The compact Jet Control System provides accurate and reliable operation of the waterjet hydraulic valves using integrated feedback signals. The system together with waterjet propulsors provide smooth operation for steering and reversing, with engine throttle and clutch signals handled by external devices. Kamewa aluminium series waterjets cover the power range between 100 and 2,000 kW. Typical applications include naval craft, search and rescue boats, pilot boats, work boats and pleasure boats. More than 1500 FF375 waterjets have been supplied to customers around the world.


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