Applied Virtual Simulation, a Newcastle based SME, is the latest Australian company to join the C4 EDGE consortium. Applied Virtual Simulation is a leading provider of simulation-based training technology to the Australian Army. AVS has delivered a range of innovative training systems such as the Protected Mobility Tactical Trainer, Sniper / Observer Trainer and Route Clearance training systems, which deliver training to hundreds of soldiers annually. AVS will bring its substantial depth of knowledge on Live Virtual and Constructive simulation integration and interoperability to the C4 EDGE consortium, and will be focusing on how C4 EDGE can be integrated with the army’s current and future training platforms and systems.

C4 EDGE (Evolutionary Digital Ground Environment) is a defence industry cooperative of C4 subject matter experts leading a communications program scoping the demonstration of a sovereign land battlegroup and below communications environment for the Australian Army. The program will leverage internationally agreed open standards to grow and demonstrate Australian C4 (command control communications and computers) industry capacity and ability to deliver a battlegroup and below C4 capability demonstration.

“We’ve had a great experience working with EOS and other consortium partners on C4 EDGE. Through a focused and collaborative approach we’ve been able to make rapid progress integrating our technology. We are enthusiastic about the potential training outcomes which can be achieved through a deep integration between simulation environments and C4 EDGE, and believe that this undertaking will deliver new opportunities, particularly in the collective training domain. It’s extremely rewarding to be working with leading Australian companies who share the common purpose of building a truly innovative sovereign capability”, said Martin Carr, Director of Applied Virtual Simulation.

Matthew Jones GM Land C4I of EOS Defence Systems, and C4 EDGE program lead said: “AVS bring a world-class Australian simulation capability to the C4EDGE demonstration. The open architecture approach adopted by C4 EDGE makes integration with AVS simple to implement and showcases collaboration with future training systems.“

EOS and AVS have previously collaborated to develop the Remote Weapon Station Desktop Trainer (RDT), a self-contained training simulation system with full form-fit function replication with design and functionality that mirrors an EOS RWS control interface exactly. Also in the pipeline for future collaboration is the joint development of training aides and simulation products for other EOS products including EOS’ Titanis C-UAS system.


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