Lockheed Martin Australia and New Zealand congratulates the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) on achieving five years of operations for the Aegis Combat System-equipped Hobart-class Air Warfare Destroyers.

This achievement represents a significant leap in both capability and interoperability for the RAN. These 21st century-ready, highly advanced Hobart-class Destroyers bolster the RAN’s ability to protect Australia’s national interests, while strengthening Integrated Air and Missile Defence capability in the Indo-Pacific.

Since entering into service, the Hobart-class Destroyers have completed multiple patrols within Australian waters and beyond, joint exercises, live fire events, and search and rescue activities. The Hobart-class Destroyers form the backbone of the RAN’s surface fleet. On a global scale, the Hobart-class Destroyers have participated in complex multinational military exercises such as Exercise Rim of the Pacific, Talisman Sabre, Exercise Kakadu, Pacific Vanguard as well as conducting multiple regional deployments to strengthen and enhance interoperability with partners across the Indo-Pacific.

The Hobart-class Destroyers proudly form part of the global Aegis fleet. Equipped with the world’s most advanced combat system, Aegis, a cutting-edge system that continues to innovate and integrate next generation technologies to guard against evolving air and missile threats.

Former Commander of United States Indo-Pacific Command (Retd.) Admiral Phil Davidson congratulated Australia on this important five-year operational anniversary.

“This milestone builds on the legacy of our shared partnership, mateship and strong alliance. Our united ability to work together with the Aegis Combat System alone sends a very powerful assurance message across the region.”

“Aegis is a force multiplier across the Indo-Pacific demonstrating capability and capacity sets, which help us to deter any adventurism by potential adversaries while maintaining security in the region.”

Aegis is a highly successful proven program of record within Australia. Across the global Aegis fleet Lockheed Martin’s Aegis technology has fired more than 4,500 missiles in combat and in peacetime, with over $75B of investment by the US, Australia and 5 other allies.

Lockheed Martin Australia and New Zealand’s Integrated Warfare Systems and Sensors Line of Business Lead, Rob Milligan said, “Lockheed Martin has more than 50 years of proven performance in delivering air and missile defence to navies around the world with its Aegis Combat System. As the manufacturer of Aegis, we are proud to integrate, deliver and sustain this key maritime capability that safeguards our nation.” Further he added, “Together with our valued partners, BAE and SAAB, we continue to work hand-in-hand to support the Royal Australian Navy’s Aegis Combat System enterprise across the Hobart-class Destroyers and future Hunter-class Frigates.”

The first five years of Aegis in the RAN has been instrumental in shaping the future fighting capability for Australia. As the RAN grows in strength and capability, the next five years will see Aegis remain as the driving force behind naval firepower to defend against next generation threats. Upon completion of the nine Hunter Class frigates, Australia will be one of the largest operators of Aegis ships outside of the US Navy.


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