Lockheed Martin Australia is proud to announce a three-year sponsorship of Aussie Hero Quilts, as part of the company’s commitment to support veteran organisations and positively impact the lives of defence members and their families.

Aussie Hero Quilts coordinates volunteers from all around Australia to make quilts and
laundry bags for past and present members of the veterans community. The $30,000 endowment by Lockheed Martin Australia over the next three years will contribute towards the operational costs of Aussie Hero Quilts, including materials and postage.

Lockheed Martin Australia Chief Executive, Warren McDonald AO CSC, acknowledged the
important contribution of Aussie Hero Quilts to supporting the morale and wellbeing of
defence members.

“We are honoured to support Aussie Hero Quilts. The quilts and laundry bags positively
impact on the morale, and more importantly the mental health and well-being, of our
servicepeople and veterans,” he said.

“These gifts are a tangible reminder to defence members that the Australian community
appreciates their service, and the sacrifice that their service has asked of them and their
loved ones.”

Aussie Hero Quilts provides quilts to those in compassionate need, perhaps dealing with
physical or mental illness, or as the result of an accident or tragic circumstance.
Jan Maree Ball, Founder and Managing Director of Aussie Hero Quilts, said the idea of
making quilts and laundry bags developed from wanting serving members to know that the
Australian community appreciates their service and sacrifice.

“What started as a small group from my quilting network, we now have over 200 volunteer
members nationally who give their time and money to buy the required material and make
the quilts and laundry bags,” she said.

Ms Ball said it is rewarding to hear the positive and often emotional stories from the quilt
recipients. “One Australian Army Officer told us that receiving his quilt when he was at rock bottom gave him the momentum he needed to turn his life around. Another serving member explained that having the quilt with her in hospital made her feel safe.”
“We also provide Fallen Warrior Quilts to the family of those who lost their life during or after their service,” said Ms Ball.

In recent years, the reduction of service personnel on deployment overseas has enabled
Aussie Hero Quilts to evolve and provide support to serving members on the ground in
Australia. “We have supported specialist groups, such as our Australian Defence Force medical professionals whose expertise was relied upon during COVID-19, and members deployed at short notice to assist with the Afghanistan evacuation,” said Ms Ball.


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