SeoulFollowing the news that the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) Hyuga-class destroyer conducted maritime bilateral exercise with the US Navy’s carrier strike group, Kandlikar Venkatesh, Defense Analyst at GlobalData, a data and analytics company, offers his view:

“The maritime drills with the Hyuga-class helicopter carrier will assist the JMSDF in preparing for the F-35B’s deployment onto such vessels, including the modified Izumo-class helicopter carrier, in the coming years. From the JMSDF’s perspective, the bilateral exercises will enhance its maritime warfare capabilities and interoperability with partner navies such as the US Navy, which operates the largest fleet of F-35Bs worldwide. These exercises are essential for Japan’s intentions to augment its naval prowess in the Indo-Pacific region amid threats from China and North Korea.

“According to GlobalData, Japan is likely to spend $16.4 billion on procuring naval vessels and $60.3 billion on military-fixed wing aircraft over the next ten years to enhance its maritime and air defence capabilities. The US defence companies are expected to witness a significant share of that spending on their products.”

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