Martin-Baker Australia is investing in Australia’s aviation future.

Martin-Baker Australia has made an investment in the Australian aviation industry through the employment of its first two trainee ejection seat technicians at the company’s RAAF Base Pearce. The two new hires reflect the diversity of those who fly the jet. Angelina Mene and Melissa Kerr began in mid-February and will complete a three-year, full-time traineeship with a guarantee of employment on completion as fully-fledged ejection seat technicians.

“We were spoilt for choice,” said Andrew Eden, Martin-Baker Australia’s Managing Director. “The WA Government provided us with assistance in identifying the candidate pool and we ran 2 rounds of interviews to narrow it down to our two successful candidates. We are very happy that the work we put into our engineering to ensure that our seats support the most diverse range of pilots is reflected in our own workforce. We look forward to that diversity making our workplaces around the country the best they can be.”
“Saving lives is, and always has been, our primary goal,” said Andrew Martin, Martin-Baker Aircraft Company’s Vice President of Business Development and Marketing. “The selection of Angelina and Melissa further demonstrates that point. We will find the best qualified candidates and employ them, because when lives are at stake we must have the absolute best – period.”

Martin-Baker Australia will be displaying the concept demonstrator for Project Dilgirin at Avalon. Project Dilgirin is designed to expand the accommodation range of the AU10LH seat in the RAAF Hawk LIF. Dilgirin means “little jumping ant” in the Gathang language indigenous to the region around RAAF Base Williamtown. The purpose of the Project Dilgirin upgrade suite is to ensure that smaller stature aircrew are not exposed to additional risk or excluded when transitioning from the PC-21 to either Super Hornet, Growler or JSF platforms.

Angelina and Melissa will be working the Martin-Baker Australia stand (3A20) at the Avalon Airshow 26 Feb – 1 Mar. The Project Dilgirin Concept Demonstrator will be on display on the Martin-Baker Australia stand for the duration of the show.
For more information contact Andrew Eden at or Richard Johnson at

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