Navantia Australia partners with Lai Switchboards Australia for SEA5000



Navantia Australia has today announced a new contract with Lai Switchboards Australia to conduct preliminary studies into the design and build of low voltage switchboards as part of Navantia Australia’s proposal for the Australian Government’s Future Frigate program. 


Lai Switchboards Australia, a South Australian family owned business, are leaders in the design and manufacture of custom main switchboards and packaged switchroom solutions. This contract signifies the beginning of what both companies expect to be a collaborative and longstanding relationship.


“Australian industry is critical to Navantia Australia’s shipbuilding capability. We’re committed to helping local industry grow and supporting small and medium enterprises to enter the global market, in turn creating export opportunities for Australian business,” said Navantia Australia Managing Director, Donato Martinez.


“Our focus with Lai Switchboards Australia is to ensure they are fully conversant with requirements for equipment installed in naval platforms. We look forward to continuous interactions between the engineers of both Navantia Australia and Lai Switchboards Australia in support of this activity and for the F-5000 frigates.”


“The prospect of being a part of the Future Frigates program is very exciting for us. Being able to partner with Navantia Australia, who are experienced in designing naval vessels for Australia and have been doing so for the past ten years, gives us confidence in that we will be able to deliver the best outcome for the Royal Australian Navy. We will need to expand our Adelaide facility if Navantia Australia is successful in the SEA5000 bid,” said Lai Switchboards Australia Director, Frank Iarriccio.


Over the past decade, Navantia Australia has established partnerships with over 200 Australian companies to develop Australia’s sovereign naval shipbuilding capability.


About Lai Switchboards Australia 
Lai Switchboards Australia is one of Australia’s largest switchboard manufacturers and was established in 1969. Lai Switchboards Australia are a leader in the design and manufacture of custom low voltage switchboards, providing innovative custom-built solutions for any customer. Lai Switchboards Australia have delivered switchboards and switchrooms to a wide range of industries, including defence, road, rail, mining, oil and gas, utility infrastructure and hospitals.


About Navantia Australia
Navantia Australia’s roots date back hundreds of years. Since 2006 we have been Australia’s shipbuilding partner. At Navantia Australia, we are committed to growing our local workforce and links to the Australian supply chain to best support the growth of a truly Australian shipbuilding industry.

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