Navantia Australia partners with Taylor Bros for SEA 5000 Habitability Design Support

31 January 2018

Navantia Australia has today announced a new contract with Tasmanian firm Taylor Bros, embedding a Taylor Bros Team into Navantia Australia’s Design and Production teams for the SEA 5000 program. The Integrated Product Team will identify feasible solutions to meet the mixed messing requirements for the Future Frigates and scheduling of work. The project commenced this week.

Navantia Australia and Taylor Bros will partner on this project from the design stage, right through to turnkey habitability. The final building specifications for accommodation will meet Lloyd’s Register Naval Ship Rules standards, DEF (AUST) 5000 (Maritime Requirements Set) and the Commonwealth of Australia’s SEA 5000 Ship requirements.

Navantia Australia’s Managing Director Donato Martinez said that “We are very pleased to be continuing our relationship with Taylor Bros, to produce a modern state-of-the-art design that provides safe, comfortable and functional accommodation on board our F-5000 proposed Future Frigate for the Royal Australian Navy, building on the lessons learned from the Hobart class design, planning and production activities.”

Phillip Taylor, Taylor Bros Commercial Director, said that “We are looking forward to working with Navantia Australia to develop innovative ways to make shipboard life easier. We have become a specialist in outfit accommodation services to the marine industry and have developed a prefabrication approach to projects for defence that enables delivery on time, and within budget.”

Prefabrication is advantageous as it increases efficiency and productivity and reduces the risk of delay from weather and other variables, compressing the project schedule and reducing the project cost.

Mr Martinez noted that “Taylor Bros’ familiarity with Navantia’s naval designs and strict design criteria enables us to efficiently integrate cutting edge solutions seamlessly into the F-5000 design. Both teams working in the same digital environment, brings all the manufacturing knowledge to the design process. This allows Navantia Australia to design minimising supply chain management, planning and production costs from Ship 1 and achieve learning curves as the best in our industry or even improve them. ”

Over the past decade, Navantia Australia has established partnerships with over 200 Australian companies to develop Australia’s sovereign naval shipbuilding capability.

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