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10 August 2017


Navantia Australia this week has submitted its response to the Commonwealth’s Request for Tender for the SEA5000 Future Frigate program with a comprehensive plan for a leading edge anti-submarine warfare (ASW) vessel and Australia’s continuous shipbuilding industry.


The F-5000, an evolution of the soon to be commissioned Navantia designed Hobart Class destroyer, will be designed locally to meet specific requirements of the Royal Australian Navy, and built in Adelaide using expertise, experience and equipment from Australia.


With capabilities based on the Hobart Class, the F-5000 also incorporates lessons learnt from the operational requirements of the Navantia designed and built Norwegian F-310 ASW frigate. The F-5000 will also provide operational flexibility and force multiplication by incorporating 48 strike length missile cells, a Mk45 5” gun, an advanced above water sensor suite, and integration of the MH -60R combat helicopter and UAV featured in the F-5000’s design.


Offering the Royal Australian Navy unparalleled interoperability and commonality across the fleet, the F-5000 is also designed to integrate with Australia’s key allies. By incorporating the Navantia-SAGE Automation Group’s (NSAG) Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS), which will already be operated by 1,500 men and women of the Navy across seven existing naval platforms, additional training requirements will be reduced and the Adelaide based NSAG will continue to grow as a key input to capability.



Navantia Australia’s Donato Martínez is confident in the F-5000 capabilities by drawing on a range of factors.


“Navantia’s experience providing enhanced ASW capability internationally, as well as our experience working alongside Navy every step of the way to deliver capabilities such as the Canberra Class LHDs, landing craft and Hobart Class destroyer, puts Navantia Australia in the best position to ensure the F-5000 is the most advanced ASW platform that will meet Australia’s unique needs.”


“By using an in service Australian ship as our reference to build the F-5000, we will be ensuring that Australia’s future ASW frigate is able to seamlessly integrate into the RAN’s fleet and provide the savings through economies of scale for shipbuilding, training, maintenance and supply support.” Mr Martínez said.


Navantia Australia board member Warren King says the F-5000 builds on over a decade of ship design and build experience with industry that ensures a low risk, early start for the Australian shipbuilding industry.


“When Navantia first partnered with the Commonwealth on the Hobart Class destroyer, we didn’t have a ship designer, and we didn’t have a shipyard. Now, over a decade since the partnership first began, Navantia Australia has developed the intimate customer knowledge, understanding of Australian industry capability and commitment to building Australia’s own shipbuilding industry.” Mr King concluded.



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