MilCISNIOA has partnered with one of the world’s leading weapons systems manufacturers to provide a mission-critical rifle ancillary carried by New Zealand’s elite military forces and police.

NIOA Regional Business Manager (New Zealand) Fraser Winskill said the company had signed an agreement with US-based SureFire to supply the New Zealand Defence Force and NZ Police with rifle suppressors. SureFire is renowned worldwide for making high-performance illumination and tactical tools for special operations units, including the US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). Winskill, an 18-year NZDF veteran, said the NIOA distribution contract was to support in-service and future acquisitions of sound suppressors and muzzle devices.

NIOA in New Zealand supports the NZDF and NZPOL through various weapons systems including personal protection weapons, sniper and anti-materiel rifle systems and ancillaries, a wide array of hand and special effects grenades, night-fighting equipment and optical systems. “SureFire is one of the defence industry’s most respected brands,” Winskill said. “I’ve personally used SureFire suppressors on deployment and training with the NZDF. Their reputation speaks for itself. We are proud to partner with SureFire in providing our defence and police forces with the world’s best equipment so they can do their jobs safely and effectively no matter their mission set or operational environment.”

Founded in the US in 2002, SureFire’s Suppressor Division was awarded the coveted USSOCOM contracts for suppressors and muzzle devices early in their inception. Over years of brutal frontline service, SureFire has refined Sir Hiram Maxim’s original design, coupling it with modern materials and advanced machining processes to produce the world’s finest next generation weapons suppressors.

Barry Dueck, vice president of SureFire’s Suppressor Division, said: “We are pleased to join with NIOA in New Zealand and look forward to continuing our mission to provide our allied defence and law enforcement customers with the highest-quality equipment.”

NIOA in New Zealand represents several the world’s renowned firearm and ammo manufacturers including Savage, Federal, and recently added Remington arms and ammunition to the line-up. NIOA was founded in Queensland, Australia 50 years ago on connections to the sporting, recreational and hunting markets. It is now the leading privately-owned supplier of firearms, weapons and ammunition in Australia.

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