NIOA and T-Worx Holdings announced they have signed a distribution agreement for the supply, integration and support of T-Worx products in Australia and New Zealand. The supply and support of T-Worx products in Australia and New Zealand will provide end users and technology developers access to the weapon system digitisation and networking technology that allow dismounted weapon systems and ancillary devices to become sensor and effector nodes within the battlefield network.

NIOA CEO Robert Nioa said, “the inclusion of the T-Worx Intelligent Rail within the US Army Next Generation Squad Weapon program is a clear signal on the direction of small arms evolution. NIOA is proud to support T-Worx weapon digitisation products and technologies in support of next generation small arms and ‘Smart Rail’ compatible product developments.”

“T-Worx is pleased to partner with NIOA to bring our Intelligent Rail® technology to the Australian and New Zealand defence markets,” said Rick Sterrett, T-Worx CEO. “Our team developed the Intelligent Rail (also referred to as the ‘Picatinny Smart Rail’) over the last 13 years for the US defence market, as well as for NATO, and the Smart Rail capability is now a requirement on the US Army’s Next Generation Squad Weapons (NGSW) program. We are excited to partner with NIOA as they work to support the ‘digital rifle’ efforts in Australia and New Zealand. The power and data capability inherent in the Intelligent Rail makes small arms weapons ‘smart,’ and allows these platforms to provide critical data to the soldier, squad and the battlefield commander.”


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