Nova Systems Launches New Courses for Australia’s Space Industry


Nova Systems is pleased to announce a new suite of courses designed to support Australia’s growing sovereign space industry!

Created to inspire Australians, Nova Systems’ specialist capability training aims to encourage and support future space engineers, leaders and entrepreneurs.

“We are excited and honoured to be part of the driving force supporting the growth and competitiveness of the Australian space sector,” said Steven Robinson, Chief Executive Nova Systems Australia and New Zealand.

“Providing specialist training and support to Australian industry and government will continue to enhance our nations capability and contribute to the generation of jobs, innovation and growth within the Australian economy.”

Aiming to provide attendees with an understanding of space systems and industry across all levels, the courses offer insights and an appreciation of the space domain and the systems which operate within it.

“The growing space industry represents a significant opportunity for Australians to pursue a career and explore pathways in STEM,” Steven Robinson said.

“With the recent announcement of the establishment of the SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), there are exciting opportunities ahead for the next generation of space companies and technologies in Australia. Our courses are designed with that future in mind.”

Positioned to propel Australia into the global space industry, the SmartSat CRC initiative is a collaborative research and development effort, providing significant opportunities for the Australian Space industry.

Nova Systems’ involvement actively demonstrates their drive to provide world-best capabilities to the Australian space sector.

The new suite of space courses on offer are designed to give Executive and Senior Managers introductory, intermediate and advanced levels of understanding of space systems and the space business.

The one-day through to two-day courses examine the key factors which influence the definition and design, the selection and performance and the acquisition and introduction into service of space capabilities.

Known for bringing the best training development practices to their customers, Nova Systems is a Registered Training Organisation (Nova Aerospace RTO code 40262) that can tailor their training solutions to meet their customer’s needs at a post graduate level or through delivering accredited training.


Nova Systems’ space courses are available nationally. Register now.



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