Exail.comNova Systems has welcomed a new era of leadership as Dean Rosenfield commences as CEO. Rosenfield has recently relocated from London to lead Nova Systems as it embarks on a new growth phase to expand the global team, strengthen Australia’s vital sovereign capability, and deliver complex projects for clients and partners.

As a highly experienced senior business leader with over 20 years of experience in the Defence industry, Rosenfield is excited to take on this new venture and explore the opportunities in the company’s core markets of Defence, Essential Services, Government, Special Missions, and Commercial Aerospace.

“I have a strong affinity and connection to Nova Systems after working closely with the team in the past,” Rosenfield said. “I have watched with interest as Nova Systems has grown its global footprint with offices based in Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Norway, Singapore and New Zealand as the company continues to extend its capability and services to the rest of the world. Nova Systems is a trusted and independent Australian owned and operated company with a growing global footprint making it well positioned to support the realisation of the critically important AUKUS partnership. In other markets, Nova’s life-saving search and rescue mission systems solutions and geospatial software solutions are significant areas of growth and opportunity.”

Nova Systems has grown from its flight test origins to a global engineering services and technology solutions company employing more than 850 people. The company has diversified over the years, transferring decades of experience in Defence to support innovative work in new sectors such as emergency services, space, and government. Nova is continuing to partner with Australian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to strengthen the sovereign supply chain.

Prior to joining Nova, Rosenfield was a Senior Vice President/Chief Marketing Officer of Saab AB responsible for leading the global business development and sales function and Group Managing Director Saab UK responsible for leading the UK business operating in the Defence, Public Safety and Underwater Robotics sectors. Rosenfield has led businesses in Sweden, Singapore, the UK, Australia and New Zealand and was previously Managing Director of the Saab Australia and New Zealand businesses.


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