SeoulRAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. has announced that two FAIC-M/SHALDAG MK5 vessels with a fully-integrated RAFAEL naval combat suite have been commissioned by the Philippine Navy. The two vessels manufactured by Israel Shipyards Ltd., provided to the Philippine Navy, serve as the first fully-integrated vessels with the naval combat suite out of a total of nine which the Philippine Navy will ultimately receive.

RAFAEL’s naval combat suite, which is valued at hundreds of millions of dollars, includes a Combat Management System (CMS), Typhoon and Mini-Typhoon Remote Operating Weapon Systems, Naval Spike Missiles, SeaCom Internal and external Communication System and BNET Tactical Data Link, as well as training, support and maintenance services.

RAFAEL’s Naval Combat Suite is based on combat-proven technology and systems, relying on years of experience and deep operational know-how in various naval arenas and scenarios, and integrating combat-proven technologies in all domains. RAFAEL’s off-the-shelf, leading technologies and solutions, provide naval forces defence superiority in littoral and blue water against all modern naval threats above and below the waves.

Ran Tavor, Vice President and head of RAFAEL’s Naval Warfare systems Directorate, said: “We congratulate the Philippine Navy for commissioning its first two FAIC-M / SHALDAG MK5 vessels. This contract serves as another example of RAFAEL’s ability to integrate the most advanced defense solutions on a variety of platforms. We are proud of what this achievement means not only for RAFAEL, but for the Philippine Navy and their enhanced naval superiority capabilities. These new naval assets will provide our Philippine partners with the capabilities to deal with a variety of threats and establish a fortified defence in the naval arena.”

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