Primoco UAV SE announced the sale of six Primoco One 150 UAVs valued at 3.3 million euros. The sale was signed with a European client. Ladislav Semetkovský, CEO of Primoco UAV SE, said: “In February this year, we obtained the EASA LUC (Light Unmanned Certificate) for the Primoco UAV One 150 from the Czech Civil Aviation Authority. The certificate is a key document for further sales in Europe. We expect to close new UAV contracts worth 2.7 million euros in the coming weeks. In total, the company plans to sell 40 aircraft with revenue of CZK 500 million in 2022.”

The news comes after Primoco said recently that German-based PLATH GmbH & Co KG and Czech Republic-based Primoco UAV demonstrated the first successful BVLOS-flight of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) under an all-European LUC while regular air traffic proceeded in the military airspace of the Bundeswehr in Manching. The versatile fixed-wing UAV Primoco One 150 is perfectly suited to a range of tasks with its take-off weight of 150 kg, a payload of 30 kg and an operation time of more than 15 hours non-stop in the air. PLATH´s onboard multi-sensor technologies and airborne radio and transponder provided safe air traffic management (ATM) and collected all necessary data for the successful mission.

The WTD 61 Geschäftsfeld 470 in Manching was given a mandate from BAAINBw L 5.2 to conduct flight demonstrations to assess the capabilities of the Primoco One 150. The flight was made possible, from Ingolstadt-Manching airport where the Bundeswehr unit WTD 61, GF 470 is located by using a LIGHT UAS OPERATOR CERTIFICATE (LUC). It was the first time that a pan-European LUC operational approval was used which allowed the flight in Germany (or anywhere in Europe) without further approval from the Luftfahrt Bundesamt LBA. For the pioneering flight in Manching, the frequency allocation was made via the Federal Network Agency.

Primoco UAV develops and produces the One 150 civilian and military unmanned aircraft, capable of flying completely independently according to programmed flight plans. The key features of the aircraft are its size, maximum take-off weight 150 kg, 15 hours endurance, 2 000 km range, cruising speed 100-150 km/h, payload 30 kg and fully automatic take-off and landing. The company focuses on civil and military aerospace applications, particularly in tactical, reconnaissance, energy, border and coastal security, fire monitoring and search and rescue operations. The company’s aircraft is in operation on three continents. Primoco UAV is a publicly traded company on the Prague Stock Exchange in the PX START market.

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