Quickstep Holdings has released an improved parental leave package for all employees including parental leave of up to 16 weeks (increased from four weeks) for all primary carers. Employees will be able to access this leave at half-pay, extending the paid period of leave to one year when used in conjunction with government entitlements and other leave entitlements.

Quickstep’s Head of People and Culture, Sarah Hart, said, “This is a monumental shift in the advanced manufacturing sector, one that we are excited to lead. Increasing our parental leave entitlements will allow our employees to spend crucial months bonding with their baby and recovering from the birth. Being able to witness first-hand key milestones will be invaluable for our employees.”

The improvements to Quickstep’s Parental Leave Policy, effective from 1 February 2022 include:

  • Improved paid parental leave (16 weeks), accessible at full or half pay
  • Full access to primary carer’s leave in the event of stillbirth or infant loss
  • Improved paid leave for parents who are not primary carer’s (2 weeks)
  • Access to five days of paid leave in the event an employee or their partner suffers from miscarriage
  • Leave entitlements partnered with a comprehensive information package for expectant parents.

Quickstep services global defence and commercial aerospace and other industry sector customers with advanced manufacturing facilities, globally recognised accreditations and innovative technology. The company has facilities in the USA, New South Wales and Victoria in Australia, including a 16,000 sqm composite manufacturing plant at Bankstown Airport in Sydney and an aviation MRO at Melbourne Airport.

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