Rafael Australia and VRA Systems to showcase advanced defence systems at Land Forces 2018.

Melbourne, 28 August 2018 — Rafael Australia and Varley Rafael Australia (VRA) Systems will partake in Land Forces 2018, to be held in Adelaide from 4 to 6 September. This event will showcase a range of Rafael Australia products, and will highlight VRA System’s role in delivering these programs in Australia.

Rafael Australia and VRA Systems offer the Australian Defence Force (ADF) ground-breaking, combat-proven solutions for a range of LAND projects. These solutions will enhance the ADF’s survivability, situational awareness and lethality with precision and effectiveness.
Rafael Australia’s Land Forces 2018 exhibit will showcase the following systems, currently under consideration for existing LAND projects:

▪ The SpikeTM family of multi-purpose precision missile systems, to be offered across a range of land environment projects, including the ADF’s Combat Reconnaissance Vehichle (CRV) under LAND 400 Ph 2, the Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) under LAND 400 Ph 3, Direct   Fire Support Weapon (DFSW) replacement under LAND 4108, Special Operations (SO) capability enhancement under LAND 1508, and Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter (ARH) capability assurance program or replacement under LAND 9000 Ph 3. The SpikeTM family consists of the following variants:

▪ Spike LR2TM, the newest 5th generation variant of the SpikeTM family; a ‘long-range’ multi-purpose, tactical guided missile system effective against a variety of targets ranging to 5.5 km. On 22 August, the Australian Government announced the Spike LR2TM had been   chosen as the Anti-Tank Guided Weapons (ATGW) for the Boxer CRV.

▪ Spike SRTM, a ‘short-range’, light-weight, multi-purpose infantry weapon allowing the defeat of Main Battle Tanks (MBT), other armoured vehicles, and bunkers, at ranges up to 1.5 km. Spike SRTM will be offered under LAND 4108 and LAND 1508.

▪ Spike ERTM, an ‘extended range’ multi-purpose, multi-platform, missile system for ranges up to 8 km, providing a ‘fire & forget’ / ‘fire, observe & update’ capability. Spike ERTM will be offered under LAND 4108 and LAND 1508.

▪ Spike NLOSTM, a ‘no line of sight’ multi-purpose, multi-platform electro-optical missile system with real-time wireless data link for long-range hidden targets, ranging to 25 km. The Spike NLOSTM will be offered under LAND 4108, LAND 1508 and LAND 9000 Ph 3.

▪ Spike FireflyTM, a miniature, electro-optical loitering munition, which provides precision stand-off capability in close urban terrain. The Spike FireflyTM will be offered under LAND 4108 and LAND 1508.

▪ TrophyTM, the world’s only operational, combat-proven Active Protection System (APS) for heavy, medium and light armoured vehicles. TrophyTM is currently in use on the Israeli Defence Force’s (IDF) Merkava Main Battle Tank (MBT) and Namer IFV. It is also under contract for installation on the US Abrams MBT, and has been successfully tested on a number of lighter US platforms, including the Stryker and Bradley IFVs. TrophyTM will be offered under LAND 400 Ph 2 & Ph 3, as well as the ADF’s Abrams MBT upgrade under LAND 907 Ph 2.

▪ The TamirTM Counter Rocket Artillery and Mortar (CRAM) interceptor, part of Rafael’s Iron DomeTM short-range, ground-based air defence system (SRGBAD). TamirTM is a National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile (NASAM)-compatible interceptor missile designed for quick detection, discrimination and interception of asymmetric and conventional indirect fire up to 70 km. The TamirTM is currently under consideration for the ADF’s SRGBAD capability under LAND 19 Ph 7B.

▪ The SamsonTM family of advanced Remote Weapon Stations (RWS) which offer a low silhouette, under-armour reloadable unmanned turret, comprising twin Spike LR2 launchers, a 30mm automatic cannon, a co-axial 7.62mm machine gun, and fully-integrated TrophyTM APS. The SamsonTM will be offered under LAND 400 Ph 3.

Rafael Australia’s Land Forces 2018 exhibit will also introduce the following systems, for consideration under future LAND projects:

▪ The Fire WeaverTM Networked Targeting Control System (NTCS), Rafael’s new network-centric, digital targeting control system. Fire WeaverTM provides real-time pixel-based target designation and fire coordination across a brigade-sized element. This allows simultaneous, precision strikes on multiple targets within seconds. Fire WeaverTM will be offered under for integration into the Australian Army’s digital communications system under LAND 200.

▪ The Drone DomeTM Counter-Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS), designed to detect, track, and neutralize drones either by jamming their communication or destroying them using a high-powered laser. Drone DomeTM will be offered for a range of civil and military applications.

▪ The Armor ShieldTM family of passive and reactive armour for combat vehicles. These systems are based on the lightweight protection technologies that have been fielded for over thirty years by the Israeli, US and NATO military forces. A number of these products are currently produced by Australian manufacturer Bisalloy Steels. The Armor ShieldTM family will be offered under LAND 400 Ph 3 and LAND 907 Ph 2.

All Rafael Australia products offered for use in Australia will be delivered by VRA Systems:

▪ Rafael Australia is committed to growing its Australian operations and working with partners in industry and government to enhance Australia’s sovereign industrial capabilities. To support this, Rafael Australia has formed an Australian joint venture with the Varley Group, forming VRA Systems as the future hub of its Australian operations. The first program to be undertaken by VRA Systems will be the for the Spike

▪ VRA Systems leverages Rafael’s expertise as a world leader in defence technology with the Varley Group’s 132 years of engineering and manufacturing experience in Australia. This partnership will ensure local engineering, integration, manufacturing, training and in-service support for Rafael capabilities. It is a significant investment in innovation and jobs, and will support export opportunities for Australia’s defence industry.

Rafael Australia and VRA Systems will exhibit at Land Forces 2018 at stand 2J-12L.



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