Rafael awarded contract to rapidly produce and provide SPIKE LR 2 5th generation missiles for the Israel Defense Forces

The advanced 5th generation precision-guided missile is part of the wider SPIKE Family sold to over 26 countries

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. has been awarded a contract with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to supply more than one thousand SPIKE LR 2, 5th generation electro-optical, precision guided missiles.

The SPIKE LR 2 has a range of 5.5 kilometres when fired from ground launchers (an increase of over 35 per cent from the 4 kilometres range of the original SPIKE LR) and up to 10 kilometres when fired from a helicopter (using the RF Data Link). The IDF is a long-time operational user of the SPIKE Missile Family, and the addition of the SPIKE LR 2 will enhance both its infantry engagement range and its lethality against a large variety of targets. The SPIKE LR 2’s connectivity through the IDF’s network of sensors and effectors will enhance overall force capabilities. The IDF’s LR 2 procurement complements the IDF’s fielding of the Integrated Control Launch Unit (ICLU) which is the new digital networked launchers that provides improved tactical connectivity for third party target allocation.

SPIKE LR 2 is an advanced multipurpose missile designed for the future battlefield, with full commonality to the SPIKE Missile legacy. The 5th Generation SPIKE LR 2 design is based on lessons learned from modern warfare, combined with accumulated data from more than 5000 SPIKE Missiles fired in combat and training across its large user base. The LR 2 is fully integrated with all existing types of SPIKE launchers in use today, enabling all of them to fire both LR and LR 2 Missiles.

The LR 2 incorporates improvements in lethality and immunity to meet both present and future threats.

This substantial production order of SPIKE LR 2 for the IDF will kick-start the SPIKE LR 2 Missile production earlier than expected. The development of SPIKE LR 2 leverages decades of successful operational use of all variants across the SPIKE Family. The production order ensures the IDF and future customers, potentially including the Australian Defence Force, will be guaranteed technical maturity, low risk and readiness for operation, consistent with Rafael’s quality standards.

Rafael has offered the advanced SPIKE LR 2 to the Australian Army as part of the LAND 400 Phase 2 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles (CRVs) program. The SPIKE LR 2 system will provide the Australian Army a step change in operational capability, with one missile providing multiple solutions.

Rafael’s offer to Australia includes a comprehensive in-country production and a through life support program, being developed in partnership with Varley Group – one of Australia’s oldest engineering and manufacturing companies, with facilities throughout Australia and extensive Defence experience. Australia will potentially be the 27th SPIKE User country.

The Rafael-Varley approach focuses on providing a complete capability to Defence, including significant knowledge and technology transfer, local manufacturing and integration, training of Australian personnel and the provision of a comprehensive Australian-based 24/7 through life integrated support.

Mr. Moshe Elazar, Executive Vice President and Head of Rafael’s Land and Naval Systems Division, stated that “procurement of SPIKE LR 2 by the IDF continues the long legacy of SPIKE Missile employment by the IDF and signifies the trust and appreciation the IDF holds for the performance of the SPIKE family. We are proud to contribute to Israel’s defence through our excellent systems and are happy to begin the LR 2 production with this important customer”.

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