Raytheon Australia announced on 24 July it will work with Schiebel Pacific on a bid for the LAND 129 Phase 3 Tactical Unmanned Aerial System project for the Australian Army. The company said it was offering the Australian Army a “fully integrated solution featuring an operationally superior rotary wing UAS that is optimised for future growth”, using Schiebel’s S-100 UAV platform to deliver a low-risk offering intended to establish a sovereign UAS capability.

Raytheon Australia said the team will deliver a solution that:

  • Offers an operationally superior rotary wing UAS that is highly flexible and provides both a small footprint, no dedicated launch and recovery equipment and a high payload capacity;
  • Provides real capability that has operated with the Australian military that’s ready now;
  • Draws on Raytheon Australia’s strong reputation as an experienced, multi-domain systems integrator with proven processes and tools as well as highly experienced and capable people;
  • Is low risk including technology-wise because the platform is already fielded with the Royal Australian Navy, and low commercial, schedule and integration risks;
  • Engages a team of Australian SMEs to provide a genuine Australian capability for Army and build a sovereign and enduring UAS industry to meet the Australian Defence Force’s future capability requirements; and
  • Creates export opportunities for Australian industry.
Michael Ward, Raytheon Australia’s managing director. (PHOTO: Raytheon Australia)

Michael Ward, Raytheon Australia managing director, expressed his commitment to fulfil the requirements of LAND 129 Phase 3 in the interests of Defence and a sovereign Australian industry. “Our solution is backed by Raytheon Australia’s 20 years of investment in sovereign complex systems integration and allows us to offer a world-class system to meet Army’s future tactical UAS requirements,” he said. “Our team will deliver a highly capable, flexible and scalable solution that offers the lowest risk and the greatest opportunity for a sovereign UAS capability for Australia.”

Ward added that numerous local SMEs will take part in the development of Raytheon Australia’s solution and emphasised his team’s strong AIC solution that prioritises Defence’s operational needs while maximising Australian industrial sovereignty.

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