Raytheon to provide new mobile satellite communications

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) will receive increased mobile satellite communications with Raytheon Australia being awarded the contract for Project JP2008 Phase 5B1.

Raytheon Australia will provide certified satellite transportable land terminals in frequency division multiple access (FDMA) and time division multiple access (TDMA) modes.

The company will work with L-3 to provide the terminals and Clearbox Systems to provide an Australian-developed centralised monitoring and control system that will allow the managing and control of the satellite assets.

The program will provide the ADF with an in-country partner for its current and future satellite communication challenges.

Raytheon Australia has been awarded the contracts for JP2008 Phase 5B1 for both the acquisition and the five-year sustainment period after becoming the preferred tender in December 2013.

Raytheon Australia’s managing director, Michael Ward, said the company is pleased to be given the opportunity to provide this vital capability to the ADF.

“At a time when communications are so vital to the ADF and when Australia is only one of a small select number of allied nations that is able to use the WGS system, it is particularly important to have a trusted partnership as exists between Defence and Raytheon Australia to contribute to this activity,” he said.

“As the Minister said in his statement, satellite communications are a critical enabler of ADF operations, connecting our troops on the ground with command and control, intelligence, geospatial and logistics information – we are delighted to be helping the ADF achieve mission success in providing this capability.”

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