Asian Press Group banner 728x90Amid escalating tensions in the Red Sea, IrvinGQ observed the critical importance of its naval decoy system in countering potential threats to commercial vessels. The ongoing disruption, triggered by Houthi rebel attacks, highlights the need for advanced defence mechanisms.

Ongoing conflicts involving Houthi rebels have significantly impacted global shipping routes, with disruptions prompting major shipping companies to suspend operations in the Red Sea. While IrvinGQ does not claim involvement in these events, the company recognises the evolving maritime landscape and underscores the adaptability of its Naval Decoy System to mitigate risks and ensure the safe passage of vessels.

This innovative defence solution aims to bolster the confidence of shipping operators and contribute to maintaining operational continuity in the face of increasing risks. In recent times, IrvinGQ’s corner reflector decoys have garnered significant interest as a proven and cost-effective countermeasure against evolving naval threats. Designed to be immune to chaff discriminators in modern anti-ship missile RF seekers, these corner reflectors render traditional chaff obsolete.

The Floating Decoy System (FDS3), a cornerstone of IrvinGQ’s naval defense solutions, is recognised as a unique and essential layer in a ship’s RF soft-kill defence against anti-ship missile attacks.

The FDS3, with its capability to generate a ship-like Radar Cross Section (RCS) on the sea surface, draws locked-on missiles away from the ship. This system complements other countermeasures, hard-kill systems, and soft-kill devices, offering a non-kinetic countermeasure with no risk of misinterpretation as a missile launch.

In tense situations, the FDS3 provides an additional layer of defence, and its standalone launch capability ensures protection even in scenarios of total power loss. The inflatable passive RF corner reflector-based decoys continue to stand out as a compelling and proven option for navies facing increased RF missile threats. Offering consistent radar reflector performance, resistance to modern ECCM missile seekers, and suitability against a range of threats, The corner reflector naval decoy systems provide a robust defence solution with a long and proven in-service record.

IrvinGQ emphasises the need for a collaborative global response to ensure the safety of maritime activities in the Red Sea and beyond. The company remains committed to providing world leading solutions that enhance the security and resilience of vessels navigating through complex and high-risk environments.


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