and Australia’s Supashock have announced a European export contract that will see running gear components and technology designed and manufactured in Australia by Supashock and its qualified local supply chain, optioned in another contract for Rheinmetall’s Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV). 

“Over the next four to five, this (European) contract will further boost Supashock’s export activities from the current level of 65 percent, of total sales to circa 75 percent. Externally, we estimate the support of 250+ jobs through our local supply chain due to the European export contract”, said Oscar Fiorinotto, founder and CEO of Supashock. 

The new contract will create approximately 50 direct jobs that support sovereign industrial capability priorities. “Internally, Supashock is forecast to grow to 200+ employees by 2025 through defence, autonomous, commercial and automotive contracts. The latest export contract will also facilitate a major advanced manufacturing expansion for Supashock,”  Fiorinotto said. 

Supashock’s valued partnership with Rheinmetall has provided a strong export base for the Australian defence industry. “Working closely with Rheinmetall, we are focused on providing advanced capabilities to Rheinmetall customers around the world. It’s astounding to think Supashock has grown from 15 people in 2017, to a projected workforce of 100+ in 2022. None of this would be possible without our great partners at Rheinmetall and of course the support of state and federal governments.”

Armin Papperger, global CEO and chairman of Rheinmetall, talked to the ongoing success story between Supashock and Rheinmetall, and the expansion to the global market. “After great success in developing sovereign industrial capabilities together while having served the needs of the Armed Forces in Australia over the past four years, Rheinmetall and Supashock will now use this base as a springboard to exploit new business opportunities in Europe and around the world. Being part of Australia’s sovereign Defence capability makes us very proud and we are thankful for the continued support of the federal government, the government of South Australia and local authorities, without which all of this wouldn’t be possible.” 

Gary Stewart, managing director of Rheinmetall Defence Australia proudly of the Rheinmetall and Supashock partnership. “In four short years, Rheinmetall and Supashock have evolved our partnership, with Supashock today a part of Rheinmetall’s sovereign Defence capability that supports not only the Australian Defence Force, but exports programs in Europe and North America” said Stewart. 

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