RUAG  announces technology transfer for in-country manufacture of modular appliqué armour in support of support of support of BAE Systems Australia Land 400 bid.

Bayswater, Australia, 21 Feb 2018. As part of its ongoing strategy for capability and product expansion, RUAG is proud to announce its commitment to a transfer of technology from RUAG Switzerland to RUAG Australia to enable the in-country manufacture of high-protection appliqué armour for fitment to the Patria designed AMV35 infantry fighting vehicle.

Externally-clad appliqué armour panels are used by armies worldwide to provide a fighting vehicle and its crew with extra protection against high powered armour piercing rounds. On operations, this additional protection can mean the difference between life and death.

RUAG is a well-established leader in the field of vehicle protection technology and has developed a variety of effective, modular and easy to handle external protection systems. Already in service with a number of western armies, RUAG appliqué armour is mission-proven and is a natural choice for BAE Systems Australia‘s Land 400 Phase 2 solution.

Establishing this unique, in-country capability within RUAG Australia will further strengthen the Australian Industry Content (AIC) proposed within BAE’s offering for Land 400 Phase 2 and will ensure that, in RUAG Australia, Australian soldiers can depend on an Australian company to supply them the highest possible level of protection that appliqué armour can provide.

Developed by RUAG Defence in Switzerland to internationally recognised standards and certifications, RUAG appliqué armour is a mature technology that offers unrivalled protection against kinetic energy projectiles. Being modular, the armour can be easily and quickly applied to the AMV35 vehicle, commensurate with the Army’s operational requirements.

This technology transfer and establishment of in-country capability will support Land 400 and, being scalable and adaptable, will have further potential for extending to other military projects as well as for export. Such capability puts Australia at the leading edge of technology.
Supporting the Australian Defence Force for 25 years, and with its customers‘ interests always at heart, RUAG Australia is a highly skilled engineering company that provides innovative and extensive manufacturing and MRO services. With its unique combination of vertically integrated capabilities, a strong focus on technology advancement and a committed advocate for collaboration, RUAG Australia is proud to be supporting BAE System Australia’s AMV35 bid for Land 400.

Adam Watson and Brian Gathright from BAE Systems Australia meet with Aidan Butler-Bonnice and Paul Donald of RUAG Australia in front of the AMV35




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