www.landforces.com.auRUAG announced recently it protected both this year’s World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos and the Ukraine Recovery Conference (URC) in Lu-gano against UAV threats, meaning RUAG has for the first time successfully de-ployed its new UAV defence system in a defined perimeter.

RUAG is strategically adapting to current customer needs in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles. Thanks to their wide range of applications and size, unmanned aerial vehicles can be used for a wide variety of missions – for private, professional and military purposes.

Over the course of several sprints, what started as an innovation project developed from an idea to a business that comprises a UAV defence system that includes operation on public authority premises. Public authorities are typically not equipped with the necessary means to cover such a wide range of requirements. Rather, it is much more important for them to be able to focus on their core expertise.

Together with its partner, FORTEM, RUAG offers representatives of public authorities a ser-vice based on the “System as a Service” approach, which covers all matters from planning and system operation to the final debriefing. RUAG is currently the only provider who offers a full care package for UAV defence. The full care package includes detection and controlled and more secure defence (mitigation) of manually and fully autonomously flying UAVs.

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