Land Forces 24 728x90 WEB 240202 01RYAN AEROSPACE (Australia) has achieved a milestone with the shipment of its 500th flight simulator. RYAN AEROSPACE started producing rotary wing simulators in 2005 and later ventured into the fixed wing flight training market. While traditional, certified simulators are part of RYAN’s product offering, virtual and mixed reality technologies have taken the company to the next level, making RYAN a global leader in their field.

The US Air Force, US Navy and US Army are the top customers of RYAN AEROSPACE installing hundreds of devices around the US in support of Pilot Training Transformation (PTT) / Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT2.5), Aviator Training Next (ATN) and Fighter Bomber Fundamentals to name just a few.

Significant sales have also occurred in Australia, Europe and the Middle East. Other key customers and users include Prime Contractors such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Sikorsky, BAE Systems, CAE, Airbus Helicopters, EDMS as well as regulatory authorities such as the FAA.

Managing Director Chris Ryan said he was thrilled to reach this milestone and very proud of his small but growing team operating out of its Gold Coast Facility in Australia. “In the meantime, we’re straight back at it with another seventy or so simulators to go out the door in the next two months”, he added. “We look forward to continuing the work we are doing with Prime working with Vertex Solutions (USA) and Precision Flight Controls (USA) who have been instrumental partners in many of these projects.”


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