www.elbitsystems.com.auSaab Australia is undertaking a multi-million dollar development expanding its national facility near Adelaide. This is part of Saab’s internationalisation strategy, focused in selected countries such as Australia, to become a multi-domestic company. 

The growing defence innovator has been awarded A$22.6 million funding from the latest round of the Australian government’s Modern Manufacturing Initiative. The grant will see the establishment of the nation’s first, state-of-the-art Sovereign Combat System Collaboration Centre as part of the construction of Saab’s new facility. 

Saab Australia Managing Director Andy Keough said that Saab’s delivery of highly complex and innovative capability to the Australian Defence Force, as well as its commercial customers, is supported by the continued growth of its people, expertise and experience and is a testament to Saab’s future in Australia. “After three decades of commitment to Australia, and 20 years after we built our Mawson Lakes headquarters, we are proud and excited to invest further in our continued evolution and the growth of Australian defence and manufacturing. This grant will complement Saab’s investment of A$55 million to increase the size of the current Adelaide facility by 80 percent over an 18-month construction timeframe,” Keough said. “The larger facilities will create over 450 long-term jobs, which include Saab employees, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises’ employment and flow on through the industry eco-system and supporting services. It will also support over 500 jobs during the construction process across the next 18 months.” 

Key features of its new facility will include a Combat Systems school, production and prototyping facilities and system integration and test facilities – all will be available to  facilitate and support the growth of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises’ product development programs. Enhancing a collaborative ecosystem, which further drives innovative commercialisation, manufacturing, technology and increased sovereign capability, Saab’s expansion directly supports the Australian Government’s Modern Manufacturing Strategy. With construction set to start later this year, Saab’s latest investment reaffirms its commitment to Australia and the nation’s defence industry.

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