USE THIS ONEAs part of Gripen’s E/F Electronic Warfare capability, Saab has unveiled the development of a new decoy missile system called the Lightweight Air-launched Decoy Missile. The decoy missile and the new Electronic Attack Jammer Pod, which Saab started flight testing in 2019, will ensure that Finnish pilots will be protected from enemy radars and missiles. The new decoy missile will be a highly capable stand-in jammer for the most demanding missions. It will act as a force multiplier as it reduces the number of missiles and aircraft required to complete a mission. The decoy missile can jam or create false targets for acquisition, tracking, fire control and airborne radars. Saab’s offering to Finland for the HX fighter procurement program includes both the fighter jet Gripen E/F and the GlobalEye Airborne Early Warning and Control System.

Jonas Hjelm, senior vice president and head of Saab Business Area Aeronautics.

“Our offering to Finland, combining Gripen E/F and GlobalEye as force multipliers, will protect Finland’s people and borders, by delivering both comprehensive situational awareness and a true deterrence effect,” says Jonas Hjelm, senior vice president and head of Saab Business Area Aeronautics. “The decoy missile…will constitute a strong addition to Gripen E/F’s built-in electronic attack capabilities. The payload of the new decoy missile is to a large extent developed in Finland and this will strengthen our offer to Finland even further.”

The development of the new decoy missile means that Saab will expand its Saab Technology Centre in Tampere, Finland with more highly skilled employees. Saab has already established a deep technical partnership with Aalto University, where more than 10 research projects are ongoing within the areas of advanced sensors and artificial intelligence.


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