MilCISSonarTech and Thales announced they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for joint research and development in mine warfare variable depth sonars for the next generation of Mine Counter Measure Vessels (MCMV). Through this MoU, Thales will provide its operational expertise in the field of high-frequency Variable Depth Sonars (VDS) for mine warfare sonar systems.  SonarTech will bring its technical expertise in the field of underwater acoustic products and mine warfare hull-mounted sonar inboard electronics.

Thales has been a long-term partner to the Korean armed forces, supplying equipment including radars, sonars and fire control systems to the Republic of Korea Navy (ROKN) since the early 1990s. Recognising the importance of building local capabilities, Thales has actively supported technical cooperation with local Korean partners and military research institutions including SonarTech and LIG Nex 1, by providing equipment, technology and engineering assistance to develop local equipment.

“We are pleased to partner with the Thales Group, who brings decades of expertise in underwater mine warfare capabilities and sonar technology. As a proud Korean company, we have industry-leading sonar equipment but we also bring a solid understanding of the needs of the Korean armed forces. This win-win partnership is a key example of how Korean companies can successfully make their mark in the global defence industry and help drive the Korean defence sector forward,” said Park Seungsoo, Chief Executive Officer, SonarTech.

“Thales is honoured to receive this recognition from KRIT, for our commitments towards partnering the Korean defence sector and developing local capabilities and expertise. Our presence in Korea dates back close to 40 years, and today, we are committed to helping the country build its local indigenous capabilities and support the armed forces as they modernise their capabilities. We look forward to a long lasting partnership and to further engagement with other stakeholders in the ecosystem,” said Sandy Gillio, Country Director, Thales Korea.

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