UMIS ImageFollowing the news that South Korea has held a joint naval missile defence drill with the US and Japan in the East Sea, Kandlikar Venkatesh, Defence Analyst at GlobalData, a data and analytics company, offered his view:

“The coordinated naval drills by the US, South Korea, and Japan highlight their shared commitment to tackling regional security issues. The participation of Aegis destroyers from all three nations in the drill has significantly enhanced their ability to effectively track and respond to North Korea’s missile activities and nuclear threats. The exercise has further enabled the Republic of Korea Navy (ROKN) to improve the level of interoperability and cooperation with the frontline missile defence assets of the US Navy and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.

“North Korea’s development of long-range intercontinental ballistic missiles, along with their provocative behaviour and ongoing nuclear ambitions, is anticipated to be a key factor driving the ROKN’s naval expansion over the next decade. According to GlobalData, South Korea is projected to spend approximately $15.0 billion on naval vessels and surface combatants programs and another $5.1 billion on submarine procurement  over the next ten years to augment its maritime capabilities.

“The ROKN has initiated multiple programs for expansion and modernisation of its surface and submarine fleets to counter emerging regional challenges. The development of the Sejong the Great-class (KDX-III), Daegu-class Frigates, and Dosan Ahn Changho-class (KSS-III) submarines, all equipped with advanced missile systems, demonstrate South Korea’s commitment to deterring North Korea’s missile threats and ensuring its national security.”


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