Ground troops, whether dug in or engaged in rapid manoeuvre, and critical assets/infrastructure are all exposed to continuously evolving threats from the air, ground, and sea. Manned and unmanned aircraft deployed SAR imaging/targeting radars and fire control radars are only but a few examples of the sophisticated systems deployed against them. Self-protection is of vital importance. Electronic Warfare (EW) plays a key, cost-effective, role in this effort; working in synergy with kinetic systems. But many of the legacy EW systems currently in service are not capable of defeating modern threats and are therefore of limited use.

Scorpius-g3. Photo IAI

To intercept, analyze, locate, track and jam the latest airborne, land and sea based electronic threats, Israel Aerospace Industries’ innovative defense electronics subsidiary, ELTA Systems, has leveraged its five-decade-rich technological heritage to field the revolutionary Scorpius -G (ELL-8256SB) ground-based long range RF Electronic Support Measures (ESM) and Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) system. Scorpius-G constitutes the most advanced ground-based non-kinetic effector currently available, providing unmatched electronic protection and jamming capabilities.

Staring Multibeam AESA – A Game Changing Technology

Scorpius-G is based on ELTA’s Active Electronic Scanning Array (AESA) technology. AESA employs an array of wide-band digital transceivers to achieve a substantial increase in receiver sensitivity – enabling the system to detect threats at much greater ranges than previously possible. Scorpius-G also incorporates Multibeam Staring technology, which empowers simultaneous scanning of the entire surrounding hemisphere. Likewise, Multibeam Staring AESA deploys multiple, narrow, high-power jamming beams, facilitating simultaneous targeting of multiple threats across the entire field of regard.

The system utilizes the latest Gallium Nitrade (GaN) Solid State amplifier technology to achieve a substantial increase in Effective Radiated Power (ERP) – _far exceeding legacy EW solutions. Together with enhanced sensitivity, this enables Scorpius-G to detect, disrupt and degrade enemy radars with unparalleled effect, even though their side lobes. Effective against very low signals, Scorpius-G can detect and track the most complex threats such as low probability-of-intercept (LPI) radars. Scorpius-G’s ability to detect and track low level signals, together with its wide sector coverage, also enable the system to build a comprehensive, accurate Electronic Order of Battle (EOB).

Scorpius-G5. Photo IAI

Scorpius-G features a flexible, modular, software driven architecture. The control unit, which handles processing and controlling of all ESM and ECM operations is easily updated as new airborne, shipborne and land-based threats are introduced, including fire-control radars, search radars, and imaging radars (SAR).

Ready for Deployment

Scorpius-G can be mounted on a rugged, all-terrain vehicle, enabling the system to be flexibly deployed in support of mobile operations. A pedestal mounted version is also available for fixed installation at critical sites. Multiple units can be deployed in network mode to cover larger and more complex regions. As such, the system can play an important role in air defense, enhancing the effectiveness of kinetic air defense systems.

Scorpius-G’s highly developed multi-beam, multi-technique power management capabilities enable it to efficiently jam multiple emitters, providing a protective hemisphere around ground assets. Moreover, the system will effectively attack the newest generation of radar systems used to provide weapons with target data. Finally, Scorpius-G is fully compatible with leading air defense systems. In fact, its advanced capabilities significantly reduce the burden on kinetic defenses, preserving their capabilities for further engagement.

With its powerful, AESA wideband multibeam detection, tracking and multi-technique jamming capabilities, and flexible software driven architecture, Scorpius-G will deliver cost-effective defensive capabilities against the airborne, ground-based, and shipborne threats of today and tomorrow.

The ability to deliver game changing solutions such as Scorpius-G, at the tactical and strategic levels to customers worldwide, is a key factor in ELTA’s ability to maintain its position as a trailblazer in advanced defense electronics.

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