www.landforces.com.auThe latest in Australian science and technology is on show at the Chief of Army Symposium in Adelaide. Over three days the Symposium’s Army Future Forum, Army Innovation Day, Army Robotics Expo and Army Quantum Technology Challenge will explore ideas and potential developments between Army, industry and academia.

Chief of Army Lieutenant General Simon Stuart said the symposium would showcase the close partnership between Australia’s military and innovators. “The symposium highlights Army’s focus on new and emerging technologies and the possibilities of tomorrow by harnessing good ideas and innovation across Army, industry and academia,” Stuart said. “We are transforming to keep pace with the changing character of warfare and to remain technologically relevant and building flexibility into the system to remain agile. This symposium is just one part of our efforts to develop our capabilities with local defence companies and their global defence industry partners.”

The Army Innovation Day will give companies the chance to explore tactical Logistics Uncrewed Aerial Systems for Army and display their developments. “Army is seeking innovative Logistics Uncrewed Aerial Systems for a range of tasks including routine resupply, high risk combat resupply and casualty evacuation missions to troops in contact,” Stuart said. “Ongoing conflicts have shown just how important these Uncrewed Aerial Systems are in combat situations. For an army as modest in size as ours, Robotic and Autonomous Systems help us to generate scale, mass, effect and reach across all domains whilst enabling us to reduce the risk to our soldiers wherever possible.”

The Army Quantum Technology Challenge will see academic, industry and Army teams demonstrate the application of quantum technologies to solve major challenges in land warfare, alongside innovative countermeasures to these highly-disruptive emerging technologies. The Army Robotics Exposition 2022 will feature live displays from industry representatives, including uncrewed ground vehicles and aerial systems.

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