EOSThales Australia has moved to enhance the credentials of its engineering workforce following legislative changes in Victoria and New South Wales. Under a strategic partnership with Engineers Australia, Thales has created a professional accreditation scheme to validate the credentials of its extensive engineering workforce, expecting to have approximately 250 engineers chartered under the scheme by the end of 2021. 

For over 30 years, Thales Australia has invested in developing world-leading Australian engineering skills, with a focus on building sovereign Australian Defence industry capability. With nearly 1,000 technical and engineering employees across Australia, Thales delivers critical sovereign capability to the Australian Defence Force to protect Australian soldiers on operation including, the Bushmaster and Hawkei Light Protected Mobility Vehicles. Thales Australia is also present in commercial sectors ranging from air traffic management and ground transport systems to security systems and services. 

Thales Australia’s Chief Technical Officer, Dr John Best, said: “The partnership with Engineers Australia would support compliance with State based legislation that requires professional engineers to be registered. This partnership is about more than achieving compliance – it is about actively participating in the Australian engineering community to maintain and advance engineering practice. As technology development cycles become shorter, it is critical that organisations, like Thales, that deliver mission critical solutions to both defence and civil customers, continuously strive to maintain state of the art knowledge. The continuous professional development obligations that come with recognition through Engineers Australia drive our individual staff, and us as a company, to continuously improve. Ensuring that our engineering workforce is professionally credentialed is a way in which we can communicate to our clients, to industry and to the wider community that we’re committed to delivering highly engineered solutions that are safe, secure and will meet the performance needs of the end users.” 

Engineers Australia CEO, Dr Bronwyn Evans AM, said: “We are delighted to extend our partnership with Thales. Credentials, like Chartered, are important for the role they play in maintaining public trust in the engineering profession. It’s also essential to ensure engineers are prepared to address the increasingly complex challenges faced by Australia and the world. At a time when more states are moving to mandate registration of engineers, achieving Chartered status demonstrates an extra level of commitment to achieving best practice.”


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  1. Hopefully, they will learn that when designing a combat vehicle you should include a spare tyre and not create panels made of fibre glass, if people have to stand on it


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