Rhode IndoPac 728 90 leaderboardThales recently announced the inauguration of the Public Security Centre of Excellence (CoE) and extension of its partnership with HTX (Home Team Science & Technology Agency) to continue driving innovation in homeland security. The new CoE is poised to significantly propel Thales in Singapore as a global hub for border security.

Thales’ Public Security CoE in Singapore seeks to build upon the successes of ongoing partnerships and initiatives to enhance immigration and critical infrastructure security, by way of research and development, continued innovation, and partnerships with industry and government stakeholders. With the creation of this CoE, Thales aims to grow its Security business threefold in three years.

Between 2018 and 2022, Thales designed and developed a security system that streamlines operations and improves real-time decision-making for Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) at Singapore’s land checkpoints. In addition to the use of smart data and automation to drive operational efficiencies, this project includes integrating and setting up operations centres and a command & control (C2) system.

This CoE is the latest in a series of investments announced by Thales in Singapore to develop local capability and innovation in strategic domains such as Air Traffic Management, Digital Identity & Security and next-gen avionics manufacturing. In the area of Artificial Intelligence, Thales is also deepening its expertise in Singapore through the creation of a ’cortAIx Factory’, which alongside factories in France and Canada, will help industrialise the development of AI use cases related to critical environments. In line with this, Thales remains steadfast in hiring more than 1,000 Singaporean talents over the next three years, with the headcount for experts in the security domain increasing to 100 people locally.

With Singapore’s land checkpoints being among the busiest in the world, efficiency and security at these borders are paramount for the smooth and safe flow of passenger traffic. Thales’ innovative systems will support ongoing initiatives by ICA, to deliver convenience, reduced waiting times, and improved experiences for passengers at land checkpoints. In the long term, Thales public security systems can potentially be rolled out from the CoE across borders around the world.

In recognition of their strong collaboration, Thales and HTX have renewed their joint lab for an additional three years since its establishment in 2022. This renewal seeks to continue the joint efforts of the two organisations to co-create game-changing science and technology solutions in homeland security through experimentation and the building of prototypes and proofs-of-concept.

Some of the key achievements of this collaboration in the last two years include the i) improvement of a drone classification in an urban environment, ii) a further exploration of long-range biometrics identification, and iii) the successful development of a high resolution prototype for situational awareness to allow multiple agencies within Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) to share a Common Situational Picture (CSP) in order to enable a quicker response for operational efficiencies.

Moving forward, the Co Lab will work on more than 10 projects that range from an integrated communications platform across home-team agencies, to the development of cloud-based platforms, to innovating next-generation border clearance concepts.


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