The bombing of a school bus in Yemen by the Saudi-led coalition must be a watershed moment for Australia’s relationship with the Wahhabi regime

Australian Greens Defence spokesperson Senator Peter Whish-Wilson said Australia must immediately cease military cooperation with Saudi Arabia and its Arabian Pensinsula allies who are involved in the civil war in Yemen. Australia must also break off any existing, and rule out any future arms deals with Saudi Arabia following this latest atrocity.

Senator Whish-Wilson said, “The failure of the Liberal Government, whether the Prime Minister or the Foreign Minister, to condemn this airstrike, call for an independent investigation and suspend links with the Saudi military would amount to Australia endorsing the killing of innocent children.

“This is a country that Christopher Pyne wants to increase arms sales to so that Australia becomes a leading exporter of military hardware. This immoral ambition has to end immediately.

“The Greens support the call by the United Nations envoy for all parties to end the violence and seek peaceful resolution to this ongoing devastating crisis.

“Saudi Arabia is a country that consistently ranks as one of the worst abusers of human rights in the world, this is not a war Australia should be associated with in any way shape or form.

“Saudi Arabia’s military has consistently targeted civilians in Yemen, particularly through their blocking of trade routes. Their strategy in Yemen is only serving to further destabilise the region.

“Our alliance with the United States should not be reason for us to be involved. The government should be clear whether the Trump Administration requested Australia increase its military ties with Saudi Arabia, including through joint operations and arms sales.

“I note that Saudi Arabia was the destination of Donald Trump’s first international visit in May 2017 and the occasion of the signing of, purportedly, the biggest arms deal in history, a US$350 billion agreement between the United State and Saudi Arabia,” he concluded. 


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