The Naval “Iron Dome” Has Been Qualified For Operational Use

Today, November 27, 2017, the IDF, in cooperation with Israel Missile Defense Organization under the Directorate of Defense Research and Development and Rafael successfully completed a naval exercise, in which the Naval “Iron Dome” Aerial Defense System was deemed qualified for operational use in the IDF.

Over the past few days, the Israeli Navy and the IAF conducted a number of preplanned exercises in order to test the system’s operational abilities. The exercises commenced in cooperation with the Israel Missile Defense Organization, which developed Israel’s multi-layer defense system that includes the “Iron Dome”, “David’s Sling” and the “Arrow” Aerial Defense Systems. During the exercise, an “Iron Dome” system was placed on an INS Lahav Sa’ar 5 Class vessel and was operated by Aerial Defense soldiers.

Projectiles that simulated existing threats in the region were launched at the vessel and were located by the “Adir” radar. The projectiles were then intercepted by the “Tamir” interceptor missile that was launched by the “Iron Dome”. The exercise was successful and the projectiles that simulated a threat posed to the strategic assets in the sea were intercepted. This innovation will significantly improve the Navy’s existing tools used to protect Israel’s strategic assets in the sea, as well as the naval troops operating in the area.

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