The Rheinmetall Infantry System – a modular approach for superior dismounted combat operations

Rheinmetall has displayed its new “Infantry System” for the first time. It substantially enhances the combat performance of dismounted troops in connection with unmanned systems and fire support elements.

The centrepiece of the system is the infantryman, who continues to play a central part in the new operational scenarios of today’s ground forces. Infantry forces have to be able to move, shoot and communicate in fast-paced, mainly dismounted operations in difficult, complex, mainly urban terrain – sometimes in extreme weather conditions. Faced with multiple symmetric and asymmetric threats, they have to be able to engage opponents with scalable, proportionate intensity.

Rheinmetall’s “Infantry System” welds soldiers, their sensors and effectors, including unmanned systems and vehices, into a highly effective fighting machine, creating a uniform picture of the tatical situation and bringing individual components into the networked-enabled operations loop. The system is specifically designed for infantry operations in difficult terrain, including towns and cities.

Among other things, the “Infantry System” encompasses the following systems and components:

The IdZ-ES soldier system:

“Future Soldier – Expanded System” (IdZ-ES) is the most advanced system of its kind anywhere. This modular combat equipment kit has been in active service since 2013. Paired with the Group’s TacNet command and control technology, the IdZ-ES forms the backbone of the Rheinmetall Infantry System. Flexible inclusion of other assets, sensors, effectors and platforms is possible at all times.

The RS556* modular assault rifle and RS40* add-on grenade launcher:

A state-of-the-art, 5.56mm x 45 cal. assault rifle, the RS556 is designed for maximum modularity, ease of use and reliability. The 40mm RS40 grenade launcher can operate as an add-on component or in standalone mode. Rheinmetall also supplies laser light modules and fire control unit/aiming devices for small arms.

Boxer* multimission wheeled armoured vehicle with Lance turret:

The two-man LANCE turret turns this high-mobility, highly protected, battle-tested 8×8 vehicle into a versatile, high-performance combat platform. Its state-of-the-art sensors and airburst-capable 30mm MK30-2/ABM automatic cannon make it a suberb battlefield all-rounder with an excellent hunter/killer capability. The vehicle commander can directly observe the unfolding situation and issue orders from the open hatch. Particularly in difficult terrain, moreover, the manned turret facilitates operation of the vehicle as well as
communication with dismounted troops. Importantly, it is also possible to correct weapon malfunctions without leaving the safety of the armoured turret.

The Multi Mission Unmanned Ground Vehicle (MM UGV):

Unmanned systems in combination with infantry components enable rapid reconnassance and action, facilitating combat operations in difficult terrain, e.g. in built-up areas, woods and mountains. In places where the threat to infantry forces is especially acute, unmanned systems can efficiently perform the tasks of their human counterparts. Rheinmetall’s unmanned multimission wheeled vehicle features a modern modular design. Different mission kits enable it to carry out a wide variety of missions, including reconnaissance and survelliance. It is also able to serve as a weapon platorm or in a transport role, and can be remotely controlled or operate autonomously.

Finally, Rheinmetall has a proven ability to integrate other components and systems into its “Infantry System” and “Mechanized Infantry System”, resulting in comprehensive, flexible, made-to-measure solutions geared to current and future military requirements.

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