www.elbitsystems.com.auDroneShield announced it has reached compliance with UK Ministry of Defence (UK MOD) SAPIENT format. SAPIENT is a common operating format for defence devices (with similar principles to the US Department of Defense ATAK system), originally developed by the UK’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL). It was since adopted as the standard counter drone communication system in the UK.

SAPIENT offers a standard approach for AI and autonomy in networked multi-sensor systems in security and defence, and is being evaluated as a potential NATO standard for counter-drone systems. Going forward, DroneShield’s AI-enabled counterdrone/C-UAS RfPatrol, RfOne, and DroneSentry-X products now have the capability to provide a SAPIENT compliant output.

Oleg Vornik, DroneShield CEO, commented, “In the current challenging geopolitical environment, DroneShield continues to substantially progress our engagement across the NATO militaries, and specifically UK, alongside Australia and the US. We have on-the-ground team members in all 3 countries, supported by a network of highly capable local partners – in the case of UK, our partner is BT with its substantial defence credentials, as well as being a household name in the UK market. Compliance with the SAPIENT format was driven by end-user requests from our UK and European militaries. It ensures our networked devices are plug-and-play compatible to the common operating format of other devices and systems of those end-users. We are currently involved in meaningful acquisition tender processes with UK and European end-users, which require this compliance as part of the deployment.”

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