apdr_avalonViasat Australia and TrellisWare have announced a collaboration to offer complementary products and services in Australia and New Zealand. This collaboration will provide an alternate end-to-end military communications ecosystem for the ADF and NZDF. Together, Viasat and TrellisWare will allow customers to source, procure, and deploy leading edge communications capabilities through a single provider. TrellisWare will utilize Viasat’s existing presence in Australia, and customers will benefit from a more agile and effective acquisition approach through shared product & service pricing lists.

Australia and New Zealand customers need improved access to a complete set of military communications solutions to support mission needs quickly and effectively. The ADF’s choices for a range of military communications solutions is currently limited. It must either commit to a traditional prime contractor model or take on risk by acquiring capability from multiple providers. Viasat Australia and TrellisWare’s collaboration is the first time a multi-vendor approach has been offered to the ADF. This is being done to better support ADF and NZDF in overcoming procurement and capability challenges by offering the best capability in a streamlined manner.

Robert Teasdale, Viasat Australia’s Managing Director for Government Systems, said: “Our collaboration with TrellisWare is a great opportunity to expand the company’s offering and deepen our relationship with the Australian Defence Force. The initial focus is to expand our traditional strategic communications capability offering to include tactical radios, waveforms, and advanced networking. Most importantly, this collaboration will help to better support the customer. For the first time in Australia, the warfighter will have access to the full spectrum of preferred tactical communications capabilities, via a flexible multi-vendor approach. From soldier to satellite, this will be a genuine force multiplier for the ADF and New Zealand Defence Force.”

Matthew Fallows, Vice President Global Business Development and Customer Support, TrellisWare Technologies, said: “TrellisWare is committed to supporting the tactical Mobile Ad Hoc Networking (MANET) communications requirements of Australia and New Zealand with our TSM and Katana waveforms, tactical radios, and turnkey system solutions. Through closer collaboration with our colleagues at Viasat, we have established an enduring presence in the region while offering a broader range of integrated communications capabilities.”


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