VR simulation company, VRAI, is collaborating with Microsoft to bring next generation simulation capability to military end users, leveraging virtual reality (VR), machine learning (ML) and the Microsoft Azure cloud. VRAI announced the collaboration at the I/ITSEC conference in Florida, the world’s largest modelling, simulation and training event. VRAI is exhibiting at the Microsoft Federal Government stand at I/ITSEC this year, where they will be demoing the award winning ReACT Armour Crew Sim.

VRAIs ReACT VR Armour Crew Sim won the prestigious Military Simulation & Training Award for Outstanding XR Application  by a small company in 2022. The award was announced in the industry leading MS&T Magazines I/ITSEC conference.

The ReACT VR Armour Crew Sim increases training and repetition opportunities for armour crews, using immersive VR environments to replace the need for real world platforms. Their cutting edge data exploitation platform is built on Azure to provide personalised learning insights for trainees and instructors, while also decreasing the financial cost and carbon footprint of training.

VRAI Co-founder, and former Armoured Unit Commander, Pat O’Connor, commented on the collaboration with Microsoft, saying: “We built our ReACT VR armour crew from the ground up, and we know it solves a problem for military end users because we employed top tech talent and military veterans to work with front line military end users to design and build this product. Collaborating with Microsoft gives us the opportunity to get the solution into more of our customers’ hands, more quickly, solving our customers’ problems and helping to better prepare troops for service, which is a very fulfilling mission for us.”

The ReACT VR armour crew sim is already deployed with military end users and allows troops to increase “hands-on” training opportunities together in an immersive VR environment, instead of being reliant on getting access to real world platforms, instructors, and physical training environments.

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