Indo Pacific 2023 Ad for APDR 728x90px VISITOR REGISTRATION WEBAML3D Limited announced a contract extension for Nickel-Aluminum-Bronze (NAB) alloy characterisation and strength testing to support the US Navy’s submarine program. The contract has been signed with BlueForge Alliance, a nonprofit, neutral integrator supporting the strengthening and sustainment of the US Navy’s Submarine Industrial Base, including through the acceleration of Advanced Manufacturing technologies.

The contract extension, worth about A$0.37 million, (US$0.28 million) which includes further NAB alloy characterisation, corrosion, and strength testing, represents continued progress by AML3D on the qualification pathway to demonstrate a range of ARCEMY printed alloys meet the defence specific standards required to supply the US Navy’s submarine program. The work associated with this contract will commence immediately and will be carried out at AML3D’s facility in Adelaide, South Australia, over the next 8-10 weeks.

This new contract extension follows an initial alloy testing contract signed in March 2023 and is a demonstration of continuing momentum in AML3D’s US scale up strategy. The US is the largest Additive Manufacturing market in the world and AML3D’s most important growth market.

AML3D Interim CEO Sean Ebert said: “We are excited to continue NAB alloy characterisation and strength testing to support adoption of AML3D’s ARCEMY metal 3D Printing technology within the US Defence sector. This contract is further evidence of delivery against and our US scale up strategy and the ongoing development of a long-term, strategic partnership with the US Navy’s submarine industrial base. This second NAB alloy testing contract comes at a time of heightened interest in the potential of advanced manufacturing technologies to help meet increasing demand driven by the AUKUS alliance. AML3D’s continuing success in the US means we are increasingly well positioned to access the opportunities that will be created, as a result of the AUKUS Alliance, in the Defence markets of the US and its partners, Australia and Britain.”


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