Australia’s defence industry will continue to export crucial technology as part of a joint Australian and US program, following the awarding of a A$150 million contract to BAE Systems Australia. Minister for Defence Industry Melissa Price announced a five-year contract with BAE Systems for in-service support and round production of the next generation of Nulka decoys and launcher systems. The Nulka system is a rocket-propelled active decoy system launched from a ship that is designed to lure anti-ship missiles away from their intended target.

“Nulka is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most significant Defence exports,” Price said. “The joint contract continues the Morrison Government’s investment in the Nulka Program and – crucially – will maintain about 60 jobs in Victoria, 15 in South Australia and 15 in New South Wales. Nulka is fitted to both Australian and United States Navy warships and forms part of the anti-ship missile capabilities that provide protection to personnel. This contract will see the next generation of Nulka capability fitted to the Royal Australian Navy’s new platforms, such as the Hunter Class frigates. The Nulka program provides warships with a highly effective, all-weather defence against anti-ship missiles, utilising cutting-edge hovering rocket, autonomous system and electronic technologies.”

The system was first installed on Royal Australia Navy surface ships in the late 1990s and is currently fitted to the Canberra Class LHD, Anzac Class Frigates and Hobart Destroyers. BAE Systems will utilise an extensive supplier network of small-to-medium Australian companies in metropolitan and regional areas to deliver the required systems, giving Australian defence industry the opportunity to be involved in the program.


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  1. So it seems that BAE had told this screwball L/NP government that this kind of decoy crap was a brilliant method of doing something or other, but never mind you don’t get much for $150 million Aussie dollars.
    Yep, says a Defense Department freeloader, we’ll buy it just to be on the safe side.
    It ain’t nobody’s money it was just sitting by itself in a Defense Department vault, so may as well spend the bastard, nobody really cares, leastwise nobody in today’s government.

    Them yanks are good at telling our Defense Department what they must acquire, just the same as our military purchases are often borrowed by them Shifty US military marauders.

  2. The Nulka has been around for a long time and by July 2017, Nulka had been fitted to more than 150 Australian, Canadian and United States warships and over 1,400 decoys had been produced.
    Developed in Australia by Australians.
    Why would anyone have an issue with that?


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